[rrd-users] Re: Very Large RRD files

Clifton Royston cliftonr at lava.net
Sat Apr 21 10:37:20 MEST 2001

On Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 04:36:06PM -0700, Mark Smith wrote:
> Which one?  I am using RRDp which doesn't work.  I also tried:
> open RRD, "|rrdtool";
> print RRD $cmd;
> Which also doesn't work.

If you do either of these, it effectively forces it to communicate to
rrdtool relying on the UNIX OS command line, which does have
limitations on the total length and number of parameters.  Perl doesn't
necessarily have the same limitations, and can handle some very large
arrays indeed.
> Now, admitedly, I haven't tried RRDs, but I can't imagine that RRDs 
> would like that many parameters.  I dunno, maybe it would.  I could give 
> that a shot.

I would try that before pursuing other solutions.  

Alternatively, is there really a reason all those datasources *have* to
be in the same RRD file?  Or could you split them into e.g. 10 RRD
files in a directory with 15 datasources each?  Is there a problem
which prohibits doing that?

  -- Clifton

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