[rrd-users] Dealing with counter resets

Sune Stjerneby sst at vmunix.dk
Sat Dec 1 21:53:27 MET 2001

I'm graphing inOctets/outOctets on a 100 Mbit interface (FreeBSD/ucd-snmpd).

Whenever the machine or snmpd is reset, these counters of course are reset as
well and this causes my graphs to spike abnormally with e.g. 50-100Mbyte/s
reported traffic and generally cause a mess in my graphs (normal graphed traffic
is 300-900kbyte/s).

I'm wondering about two things:

1) Is there a proper way of dealing with this when inserting the data?

2) Is there a way of ignoring the abnormals when graphing the data?
   I tried using --upper-limit and --rigid, which does limit the Y-axis
   but the reported traffic is still there in the textual output, and
   I'd prefer not to force the Y-axis to be at 100mbit constantly.

Sune Stjerneby <sst@{vmunix,moof}.dk
 - http://dogcow.moof.dk/
 - Clarus > *

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