[rrd-users] Re: how does rrd ahndle router reloads ?

BAARDA, Don don.baarda at baesystems.com
Tue Feb 6 06:42:17 MET 2001

G'day again,

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> Patrick, how are you gathering the data from your routers?  SNMP &
> scripts?
> One thought is that you could put a condition in your script.  If the
> number
> you got back was higher than $SOME_VAR you could check (using snmp) the
> uptime of the box.  If the uptime is < $XYZ, then you ignore the
> peak/spike.
	That's actually a neat idea...

	Probably a slightly better variation on the idea is when the uptime
indicates that a reset has occurred, calculate the reset time and insert an
input count of 0 for that time. That way rrd can treat just the period
before the reset as unknown (instead of the whole interval), and can make
it's own decisions about whether the PDP(s) are unknown. This way you are
providing rrd with all the available information and its smart interpolation
and "unknown" logic can make the hard decisions for you.


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