[rrd-users] Newbie questions..

Lyon Lee llee at rim.net
Tue Feb 13 23:22:35 MET 2001

I'm just trying to get RRD off the ground..

The data i'm putting in is basically ping data for some wireless devices to
monitor the speed of the wireless network.

STATUS  TIME       OUT				IN		     dB
GREEN    30   2001-02-13_16:30:01   2001-02-13_16:30:31   -89   982103401
GREEN    43   2001-02-13_16:33:00   2001-02-13_16:33:43   -89   982103580

Time is in seconds, and the only data I'm putting in is the time sent out,
and the delta time.

I've setup my RRD like this..

rrdtool create bmrg-tor1.rrd 
--start 982100700 -s 60 

Problem:  I'm getting nan's like crazy.  Thats all I get when I do a 
rrdtool fetch bmrg-tor1.rrd AVERAGE..  but i'm thinking its cause of the
AVERAGE RRA i've setup.

 982105560: nan
 982105620: nan
 982105680: nan
 982105740: nan
 982105800: nan
 982105860: nan
 982105920: nan
 982105980: nan
 982106040: nan
 982106100: nan
 982106160: nan

On problem might be that the data isn't being put in the rrd properly, but
from what I can tell it is going in ok from my logs..


Is it possible to get rrdtool fetch to just show me the RAW data (since its
a gauge)?

Does RRD not accept data in sequential order?
ie:  If i have a TS of say, 100 and 160, and i input data for 160, THEN 100,
will it chuck the 100 out the window?

Thanx in advance guys..!

Lyon Lee
llee at rim.net, 519-888-7465 x2934
BlackBerry Special Operations
Research In Motion, http://www.rim.net

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