[rrd-users] Re: graphing averages over a week?

Paul Slootman paul at murphy.nl
Thu Feb 15 10:31:21 MET 2001

On Wed 14 Feb 2001, Philip Molter wrote:
> Yeah, but that's not quite what he's talking about.  What he wants
> is a graph that would be 24 hours long, but would represent data
> from the past week.  What he really wants is basically a bar graph
> for discrete sections of time showing average usage during those
> discrete sections of time.

Uh, yes, that's what I meant to say :-)

> Yes, I think what you're going to need to do is generate the averages
> on your own and then plot a temporary graph.  I wouldn't recommend
> using RRD to generate the temporary graph as the RRD creation time
> is going to take a little bit of time.  Just pipe the stuff into,
> for example, GD::Graph (if using Perl) to get what you need.

I was afraid of that, hoping there was some ready solution.
Thanks for confirming my fears. I'll start hacking...

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