[rrd-users] Re: odd spikes due to early resets

Tobias Weingartner weingart at cs.ualberta.ca
Mon Feb 19 23:17:32 MET 2001

On Tuesday, February 20, "BAARDA, Don" wrote:
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> > From:	Sasha Mikheev [SMTP:sasha at netvision.net.il]
> > Sent:	Tuesday, February 20, 2001 3:06 AM
> > To:	Matt Ashfield
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> > Subject:	[rrd-users] Re: odd spikes due to early resets
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> > You can define you archive as DERIVE with minimum value of 0. It
> > will take care of the problem.
> > 
> 	Where did this idea come from? The _best_ solution is to set a
> proper max.

Actually, even with the proper max, the spikes can still drown out
the real traffic (1Gbps pipe, traffic in the range of 20-30Mbps).

One solution is to put up a NaN every time the counter rolls around
or is reset.  At least I've found that to be more acceptable than
the other way around...

Wish rrdupdate had an option to put up NaN's (don't do counter
wrap-around calculation) when the counters reset/wrap.


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