[rrd-users] Last Value

Robert.Garcia at corp.valueweb.com Robert.Garcia at corp.valueweb.com
Wed Feb 21 17:35:33 MET 2001

I appologize, my question wasn't clear.  Let me use an example.

I am using mrtg to poll an interface on a router to find out how much in
and outbound traffice is flowing.
I need to know what the current value is.
What is the variable for that?
With the script below I am only getting the "Average" value of the traffic,
not the current value...
Any help would be appreciated...



<RRD::GRAPH cw.png
        --title="Cable & Wireless OC3"
        --start -86400
        --vertical-label "bits/sec"
        LINE1:inb#00a000:"Incoming Traffic (bps)\t"
        LINE2:outb#555555:"Outgoing Traffic (bps)\n"
        GPRINT:inb:MAX:"Max In\: %4.2lf %sbps\n"
        GPRINT:outb:MAX:"Max Out\: %4.2lf %sbps\n"
        GPRINT:inb:AVERAGE:"Average In\: %4.2lf %sbps\n"
        GPRINT:outb:AVERAGE:"Average Out\: %4.2lf %sbps\n"


Hello all,  I have used MRTG alot in the past, but I am new to RRDTool and
realize there is an obvious answer to my question that I am missing.  I am
using rrdcgi to create graphs on the fly, and I am unable to figure out
what the variable name is for the value of the last poll.  If anyone can
help me out I sure would appreciate it.


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