[rrd-users] Daily values in RRD

Sami Khoury skhoury at omnisig.com
Mon Jan 8 23:41:33 MET 2001

I would like to use RRD to track daily stats (i.e one value per day). I
successfully build RRD 1.0.28 on HP-UX, so functionally everything works OK.
I have however encountered a problem when  trying to load my data into an
RRD. I have created an GAUGE RRD with a step of 86400 but
  - "rrdtool dump test.rrd" has the wrong time values (for example, when I
created the RRD I specified start as 2000-11-09 05:00:00 (973764000) yet the
value in the RRD is 2000-11-09 19:00:00). I looked through the rrd_create.c
file and noticed that whatever start value I supply, it is "re-adjusted" by
taking the modulo of the specified step (86400 in my case) [to get to
midnight GMT] and then adjusting for the timezone (EST5EDT in my case)
[subtracting 5 hours]. Basically, I have to always use 19:00:00 as a "fake"
timestamp if I want to avoid RRD filling in values or re-adjusting them to
account for the time difference between my supplied time value and 19:00:00
(which distorts my real values)...

Am I doing anything wrong or is there a design reason why the RRD can't
reflect my date/time values ?

Sami Khoury
skhoury at omnisig.com

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