[rrd-users] Re: incomprehensible error msg!!

Carlos Carvalho carlos at fisica.ufpr.br
Mon Jul 2 02:47:05 MEST 2001

Alex van den Bogaerdt (alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl) wrote on 2 July 2001 01:10:
 >> First, I don't see the need to force users to define RRAs. Why the
 >> hell can't we simple stash the data in there????
 >???  an RRA *is* where the data is stored.

I see this is a consequence of the design. The point is I don't
understand why.

 >> Second, why is it mandatory to use a consolidation function in
 >> rrdfetch? Why can't we just get back the raw data?
 >Because there is no raw data to begin with.  This is by design.
 >You are not storing raw data, you are storing rates.  You need
 >to understand what is happening when consolidation occurs to
 >appreciate the difference between AVERAGE and MAX for instance.

I see the difference. These are extra facilities, no problem here.

 >> Third, I don't like the idea of alignment of the data to the
 >> predefined time steps. This should be optional.
 >You have the option of using mySql or something similar.  This
 >is the type of database you should use if you want to get out
 >what you put in.  You also need to do maintenance on such a
 >database and you need to calculate each rate at graphing time.

It's not a problem to calculate the rate at graphing time.

 >> In summary, I find the idea of rrdtool very good, [...]
 >I'm sorry but you missed the whole idea behind RRDtool.

Maybe. Or maybe there should be a third 'r' in the name? It seems it
means round-robin database, not round-robin-rate database...

RRDtool is announced as a round-robin framework for storing
continuously acquired data, no matter what kind of it. It seemed to me
that the averaging and other manipulation tools were pluses, not
design premises.

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