[rrd-users] Re: incomprehensible error msg!!

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Mon Jul 2 07:30:49 MEST 2001

Yesterday Carlos Carvalho wrote:

 | Maybe. Or maybe there should be a third 'r' in the name? It seems it
 | means round-robin database, not round-robin-rate database...
 | RRDtool is announced as a round-robin framework for storing
 | continuously acquired data, no matter what kind of it. It seemed to me
 | that the averaging and other manipulation tools were pluses, not
 | design premises.

Dear Carlos,

The Idea behind RRDtool was to solve a problem a lot of peop-le
have ... now it seems you problem is different and RRDtool in its
current state can not solve it. But do not despair, there is hope.
RRDtool comes with a GNU GPL this means you are allowed to make any
changes you consider necesary to adapt the software to your
problem. Please do so ... When you are done, you can send me a copy
of your modification, and if they look good, I will be glad to
include them in the main line distribution.

Please note, before you start hacking the code you might want to
send a message which what you intend todo to the rrdtool-developers
list, to get some feedback about the proposed enhancements.


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