[rrd-users] dynamic graphs

Kempf, Reed rkempf at rightnow.com
Tue Jul 24 15:37:22 MEST 2001

HI all,

I am pretty new to rrdtool and have a question about creating dynamic graphs
and using php to display them.  I see an option in the rrdgraph.txt manpage
about using the dash in place of a .gif or .png filename to display the
output to standard out.  Does anyone know of a way to capture that standard
output and display to a web browser.

here are my rrdgraph commands (part of a shell script):

RRDDATE=`date -d "1 day ago" +%s`
echo "RRDDATE is ${RRDDATE}"


echo "NUMBER is ${NUMBER}"
echo "TITLE is ${TITLE}"

rrdtool graph - \
        --start ${RRDDATE} \
        --title ${TITLE} \
        --vertical-label load_time \
DEF:load_time=/home/rrdtool/data_bases/${NUMBER}.rrd:load_time:AVERAGE \
        CDEF:over=load_time,2,GT,load_time,0,IF \
        HRULE:2#00ff00:"over" \
        AREA:load_time#FF0000:"load time" \
        AREA:over#550000:"slow load"

thanks in advance


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