[rrd-users] rrdtool wishes

Bob Engley Bob.Engley at ualberta.ca
Tue Jul 24 17:25:54 MEST 2001

I've been experimenting a quite a bit with MRTG and RRDtool, and
have come up with a few "questions(?)"

First off, we REALLY like the MRTG graphs, and would like to maintain
that structure - daily, weekly,...
In addition we snarf the daily graphs and structure a week of day graphs
so that we have a bit more detail for the past week.
But not all of our data is snmp'd. We collect a lot of data for
capacity planning, and currently just archive it. This data is
host based (sar, vmstat, uptime etc). Occasionally we
need to query this data to help solve system/network problems.
It is trivial to make a .rrd file from this data.
What I would really like is a back-end to .rrd files
to create MRTG like graphs. And, I don't want to re-invent a new tool
if such a tool exists. But...from what I've seen
there are lots of front-ends but little in the way of back-ends.
I do not want a .cgi to do it , just cron the graphs as we do with MRTG now.
Since we won't be using MRTG to generate all (if any) of the rrd's,  I won't
have a mrtg.cfg available.

To summarize:
  Take the .rrd file and have produce a series of MRTG-like graphs and .html
Is there something out there I have missed? Any comments/criticisms would be
more than welcome.

./You ... take care

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