[rrd-users] using rrdlib in msvc++

Edwyn Stapel (ELN) Edwyn.Stapel at eln.ericsson.se
Wed Jul 25 10:13:47 MEST 2001

 hope this is the right mailing list to ask this question, i have put some requests on the developers mailing list but didn't get any responce there.
pretty newbiesh isn't it...sorry about that.

I'm using the rrd.lib in my program for graph generation using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 as developing platform. 
This works great the computer where the program is developed.
When i test the program on a none developing computer the rrd.lib works great until i load the mapi32 library and use it for mailing purposes, the rrd.lib will not process any request correctly after that.

i've traced back the error when i was using the rrd_graph function and came to a sscanf() which didn't correctly return the values when it found the RRD part. 
But this doesn't make sence. sscanf is used in other parts of the program and it functions ok there. 
The problem must be some where else. Which i don't know where.

therefor my question:
Has anyone else encounterd this problem?
or does anyone maybee have a sugestion what the problem could be?

My guess is that its using some strange library in MS V c++ which i'm missing. and which isn't on the a none developing computer.

any help would be greatly apreciated.


Edwyn Stapel

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