[rrd-users] Bizarre numbers

Wendy Faulkner faulkner at eco.utexas.edu
Wed Jul 25 16:05:06 MEST 2001

I created a rrd file with the following command:

rrdtool create daily.rrd --start 994654800 --step 3600
DS:received:GAUGE:6000:U:U DS:delivered:GAUGE:6000:U:U
DS:bounced:GAUGE:6000:U:U RRA:MAX:0.5:1:600 DS:deferred:GAUGE:6000:U:U
RRA:MAX:0.5:6:700 RRA:MAX:0.5:24:775 RRA:MAX:0.5:288:797

I update it every hour with a perl script.  But the numbers end up wacky

I.e. I saw this in the file just now:

 996040800: 9.0700000000e+02 9.8400000000e+02 9.3000000000e+01 4.2100000000e+02
 996044400: 1.0350000000e+03 1.1680000000e+03 9.4000000000e+01 4.5000000000e+01
 996048000: 9.5800000000e+02 1.0430000000e+03 1.3100000000e+02 4.2800000000e+02
 996051600: 9.0700000000e+02 9.9500000000e+02 9.7000000000e+01 4.1600000000e+02
 996055200: 7.2900000000e+02 8.1400000000e+02 1.1300000000e+02 4.0600000000e+02
 996058800: 9.7400000000e+02 1.0600000000e+03 1.2000000000e+02 6.6000000000e+01
 996062400: 1.2530000000e+03 1.4630000000e+03 1.0400000000e+02 4.1100000000e+02
 996066000: 1.8810000000e+03 2.2610000000e+03 1.2000000000e+02 4.6900000000e+02
 996069600: 2.1080000000e+03 2.6100000000e+03 1.4600000000e+02 4.3000000000e+02

And those numbers are all wrong.  But if I recreate the rrd file, then run
the perl script again for today's numbers, the correct numbers get entered:

996040800: 8.5700000000e+02 9.5100000000e+02 1.7400000000e+02 4.2000000000e+02
 996044400: 8.8900000000e+02 1.0230000000e+03 7.9000000000e+01 1.3100000000e+02
 996048000: 9.1100000000e+02 1.0580000000e+03 8.9000000000e+01 4.8900000000e+02
 996051600: 9.0600000000e+02 1.0160000000e+03 8.6000000000e+01 4.8600000000e+02
 996055200: 7.9300000000e+02 9.0400000000e+02 1.1000000000e+02 2.3600000000e+02
 996058800: 8.6300000000e+02 6.2200000000e+02 4.7000000000e+01 3.2500000000e+02
 996062400: 9.2700000000e+02 7.0000000000e+00 4.0000000000e+00 4.4600000000e+02
 996066000: NaN NaN NaN NaN
 996069600: NaN NaN NaN NaN

The numbers only seem to get screwed up after running for over a day.
Anyone have any conceivable idea what could be happening?  My other rrd's
seem fine.  I'm just confused.  No idea where its coming up with the numbers
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