[rrd-users] Re: How do I print totals

Clarence Hart rti1clh at ismd.ups.com
Wed Jul 25 16:25:22 MEST 2001

Alex & Owen  -->  Thanks for answering my request for help...

Owen, I've tried the :

and it still returns NaN.  This really looks like it should work.
Is there some way to print out the values in debug mode to see
what the heck the engine is doing to the variables involved?

There has to be some way to hold a PREVIOUS value and re-add it 
to the new DEF value.  damn....

I was thinking I could access the rrd file before drawing the graph to get the 
total but its alittle inefficient.

This would work in perl to display all datapoints and a SUM.
 foreach $databases (@database) {

 my ($start,$step,$names,$data) = RRDs::fetch $foobar , "AVERAGE", "-s 
$starttime", "-e $endtime";
       print "<p ID=hdr>Start:       ", scalar localtime($start), " 
       print "Step size:   $step seconds<br>\n";
       print "DS names:    ", join (", ", @$names)."<br>\n";
       print "Data points: ", $#$data + 1, "<br>\n";
       print "Data: <br>\n";
       foreach my $line (@$data) {
         print "  ", scalar localtime($start), " ($start) ";
         $start += $step;
         foreach my $val (@$line) {
           printf  "%12.1f  ", $val*1800;
                $tP += $val*1800;		# <---- Add running total here
           printf "%12.1f ", $tP;		# <---- Print it here
         print "<br>\n";
         print "</p>\n";

Clarence Hart

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>> #!/bin/bash
>> PIX=400                 # width of the graph
>> STEPS=3                 # PDPs per CDP
>> STEPSIZE=300            # duration of one PDP
>> CDP=$((STEPSIZE*STEPS)) # seconds shown per pixel
>> NOW=`date +%s`          # current time in seconds since epoch format
>> NOW=$((NOW/CDP))        # divide followed ...
>> NOW=$((NOW*CDP))        # ... by multiply.
>> DURATION=$((PIX*CDP))   # total time span of graph
>> rrdtool graph picture.png --start end-$DURATION --end $NOW --width $PIX \
>>      --img-format PNG ...
>>  ... DEF:pagespersecond=myprinter.rrd:pagecounter:AVERAGE \
>>      CDEF:total=pagespersecond,$DURATION \
>>      GPRINT:total:"During this interval %6.0lf pages have been printed\n"
>> ---cut here---
>Even if your math works out (which I expect it does), you forgot to
>in the CDEF  (total=pagespersecond,$DURATION,*), and I believe you've
>made an
>unnecessary complexity in requiring an external script that knows alot
>about the
>graph.  I believe his CDEF would do it if he got around a couple of
>If he uses PREV, but primes the pump with a ...=PREV,PREV,0,IF..., I
>that will solve his NaN problem.  Then, I think he can simply add up the
>rate*seconds amounts for each CDP (...,rate,seconds,*,+), for a total
>solution of:
>Am I missing something?
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