[rrd-users] Re: How do I print totals

Paul Pot paul_pot at nl.sonymusic.com
Fri Jul 27 17:10:34 MEST 2001


For what's worth, my 2 cents ....

I have created 6 rrd's which contain the # of active users on a rf-antenna. The
graph is generated by a cgi which extracts the last info (most important to us
to indicate if an antenna serves users) and stacks all the data.

The total is generated by adding the values and displayed at the bottom.

(nb this is not the complete rrdgraph statement )

*speaking for himself

        "AREA:input1#0000FF:ac1 usage",
        "GPRINT:input1:LAST: (%2.0lf)",
        "STACK:input2#00FFF0:ac2 usage",
        "GPRINT:input2:LAST: (%2.0lf)",
        "STACK:input3#0FFF00:ac3 usage",
        "GPRINT:input3:LAST: (%2.0lf)",
        "STACK:input4#FFF000:ac4 usage",
        "GPRINT:input4:LAST: (%2.0lf)",
        "STACK:input5#FF000F:ac5 usage",
        "GPRINT:input5:LAST: (%2.0lf)",
        "STACK:input6#000AAA:ac6 usage",
        "GPRINT:input6:LAST: (%2.0lf)",
        "COMMENT:Start : $startprint",
        "GPRINT:total:LAST:total (%2.0lf)",     <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< total

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