[rrd-users] Adding DS's - without import/export?

Jason Fesler jfesler at gigo.com
Sat Mar 3 18:35:24 MET 2001

I'm playing around with adding DS's to existing RRD files.
I was hoping to be able to tell my data collection scripts
that if they see new fields, that the .rrd file doesn't have,
automaticly take a moment to convert the .rrd file and be
done with it.

However, at best, rrdtool dump foo.rrd | rrdtool restore - foo2.rrd
takes 15 seconds, consuming 2 CPU's to a maximum (30 CPU seconds).
This is without tweaking the XML in the pipe.  This .rrd file has
10 DS's, and lots of RRA's (9 RRA's, for a mix of AVERAGE, MIN, MAX,
covering various amounts of time and resolution).

Now, I know these files aren't small :-)  - 3.5 meg per .rrd file.
But exporting/important this data via XML is .. "lovely". :-)

Has anyone made a way to add_ds using the data structures for rrd files
directly?  Granted, this is touching the internals of RRD files, and
tobias will laugh at me if he changes the data format :-), but I really
can't afford to spend 30 cpu seconds (plus filter time) per .rrd file.
I have roughly 15,000 .rrd files of similiar size.

I intend to take a stab at things, but if someone's already done it..

Jason Fesler  <jfesler at gigo.com>
Good, Fast, Cheap -  Pick any two. - RFC 1925

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