[rrd-users] Re: Adding DS's - without import/export?

Jason Fesler jfesler at gigo.com
Sun Mar 4 06:06:18 MET 2001

> the 'idea' is to keep only those things together in one rrd which
> are realy tightly related and not likely to change ... others
> should go into separate rrds ...

That's exactly the case with the stuff I'm tracking.  After 2 years, the
data I'm acquiring is now reporting more data.  I don't plan on taking
things off line long enough to convert them at 15 seconds a pop.  [We
track a freaking metric buttload of data.]

Additionally, new projects are happening, and everyone has _really_
latched onto being able to use RRDtool.  The hard part is they are still
deciding what metrics they want reported..

> this said, I am sure many would apreciate a mechanism for magically
> adding DSes ... and I guess it should not be all that hard todo ...
> if you write the documentation first and post it to the list, I
> might be able to give some input ...

I'm stumbling my way into actually adding a "addds" command into rrdtool.
It is really fun walking into someone else's code and trying to peice
things together (grin).  I may need to poke you if I get stumped (I got
sidetracked today).  I *hope* to have something that looks like it works
for me, in which case I'd love for you to code review it and possibly put
it into rrdtool.  I'm picking apart parts of rrd_dump.c and rrd_restore.c
to try and figure out what I need to do.

As I understand, rrd_restore actually builds from XML, a complete rrd
"image" in memory.  My current goal is to read an existing rrd file, add
in the extra ds entry, fill in the appropriate fields, and actually
populate the data, then use rrd_write from rrd_restore.c to write a new
file to disk.

I'll resume working on this tomorrow; it's been a long day (helped move
the colocation facility my personal machine is housed at).

wish me luck..

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