[rrd-users] Re: --set-tz patch for rrdtool graph

Jason Fesler jfesler at gigo.com
Sun Mar 11 17:06:20 MET 2001

> try setting TZ in the BEGIN{  }; section or just before
> calling RRDs::graph

BEGIN{ }  is too soon; at that point $query isn't yet populated.
For testing, I'ved tried $ENV{"TZ"}="GMT";  _just_ before
the RRDs::graph, and it was ineffective, at least under mod_perl
and RRDs.

> the problem could be that mod_perl runs seceral instances of your
> script and if you set TZ in one instance eg the one which generates
> the webpage, it will not be effective in the one which generates
> the images

Quite possibly.

The extra parameter to "graph" solves my needs pretty simply.  I do plan
on trying to add some proper error checking, documentation, etc if you're
interested in having it in rrdtool, otherwise I'll keep it around as a
private patch to apply to new versions.

I also got my script working for adding DS's and RRA's, but it's too
platform specific.  I am going to take another stab at trying to make
rrdtool itself do it, since rrdtool already has the platform specific byte
offset issues figured out.

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