[rrd-users] Give an inch...They take a mile...

Schroeder, Dennis Dennis.Schroeder at sanmina.com
Thu Nov 8 17:25:27 MET 2001

Well, I've done a bunch of RRD work lately for our Oracle department and
they just came up with a request that I'm going to need help with...

I will be creating a graph that displays the following time period:

	Start = NOW - 24 hours
	End   = NOW + 24 hours

This graph will have 2 lines on it:

	Jobs Scheduled (displayed in 15 min. blocks)
	Jobs Completed (displayed in 15 min. blocks)

The "Jobs Completed" line will go from START until NOW (obviously it can't
go into the future because they haven't run yet) and won't be a problem.

It's the "Jobs Scheduled" that I have questions about.  We've created a SQL
query that gets the number of jobs scheduled per 15 minute block and outputs
is as follows:


These numbers are for the following time blocks:

Ok, now for my first question.  If I attempt to update an RRD with a time
that already exists in the database, will it overwrite the first value or
ignore the new value because one already exists?

Keep in mind that I'm updating values that occur in the future.  The number
of "Scheduled Jobs" can go up or down throughout the day and we want the
graph updated with the most current value.  If I run the query now and get a
value of "10" for the 3:00-3:15am (tomorrow) time frame, and then run it
again in 15 minutes and get a value of "11" (or anything different, it could
be less), and then I update the RRD for the same time frame, I want the RRD
(and subsequent graph) to reflect the new value.

If I can update an existing entry in the database, then what I'm trying to
accomplish will be possible and there will likely be more questions.  If RRD
won't update an existing value, I'm dead in the water.


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