[rrd-users] Re: removing tags from output graphics

William Groh william at miamiconsultant.org
Wed Nov 28 03:25:40 MET 2001

It was a tough one for me to wrangle with tobi, I would never discredit 
your hard work, but here are the main reasons I was asked to do this mod:

customers will see your name and tool name on their 'bill' and billing 
questions from them could reach you (verify my bills integrity, explain 
how my bill was created)

sales appeal, people who purchase these systems, get the software for 
free (and the consulting time is miniscule), but still place demands on 
me normally placed on commercial vendors like private branding, I try to 
explain your work, and the cost differences, but its amazing how an 
unsigned picasso becomes worthless and a software artists mark becomes 
'banner ware'

one customer, building one of the largest internet access points here in 
miami wants their name on each graphic, as sort of an advertising angle 
/ certification.

the plan was to have your web button and link go at the bottom of the 
page, but I would like to have clean graphs,

I had noticed that dave plonka has done this with his flowscan pages for 
wiscnet, I imagined that this would be acceptable.

sorry for taking your time with this request, your software kicks,


Tobias Oetiker wrote:

>Yesterday William Groh wrote:
>>I have been trying to figure out how to remove the RRDTOOL / TOBI
>>OETIKER from output graphics generated by an ISP billing system that
>>uses cricket to collect datal, so far I have failed. I wasn't able to
>>find anything in the archives, I'm sure this has been discussed before,
>>but can someone give me a clue?
>Hi William,
>Any particular reason you want to remove the credit marker where
>credit is due ?
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