[rrd-users] RRD / cricket problem with grapher.cgi and rrd->loadHeader

Charles Gillanders (Galway) Charles_Gillanders at pmc-sierra.com
Wed Oct 3 17:29:17 MEST 2001

Hi I am hoping that someone can help with a problem I am having with rrdtool and cricket.

I have searched through the mailing archives for both tools and have found only one reference to this problem, unfortunately there was no answer back from the original poster.

We recently upgraded our systems to use solaris 7.  Now our cricket installations run correctly when gathering data, and *appear* to store it correctly in the rrd files.  However when we use the cricket grapher.cgi to view the data that has been gathered we see the graphs ok but the summary status at the top has an error

Current values not available: Architecture sun4-solaris-64all not supported yet.

I checked out the grapher.cgi script and this particular error seems to be generated half by cricket / half by rrdtool, it's part of an if else statement that basically comprises

if ($rrd && $rrd->loadHeader()) {

    // do normal summary display

    } else {

    print "Current values not available: ";
    print "$RRD::File::gErr<br>\n" if (defined($RRD::File::gErr));


I.E. cricket is displaying the "Current values not available bit" and RRD is reporting back the error about sun-4-solaris not being supported.  What I don't understand is why the rest of the RRD functions are working apparently correctly but loadHeader isn't???

I'm hoping it's something stupid I did when compiling and that there is an easy answer.



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