[rrd-users] Combining RRD files

Andrew Williams amw1 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 18 21:22:24 MEST 2001

I'm using rrdtool to graph statistics for about 1000 or so interfaces on our
network.  To get regional information as well as information about our total
peering traffic I am generating aggregate graphs from the interface rrd files.
 However, we ran into a nasty side effect.  We keep the rrd files (and the
entire polling subsystem etc) in sync with what is actually living on the
devices.  (i.e. a link is disco'd all the rrd files are removed and the
interface is removed from the poller)  When this happens we lose all
historical data for that link in the aggregate.  (The aggregates are being
created by a huge CDEF based on the example on the rrdtool web page)

What I'm trying to do is convert over to actually storing the aggregate values
in a seperate RRD file.  (there will be a process that does all the math
before the values get pushed into the file)  

The first step of this is to convert all the existing data into the new
rrdfile.  We have 2+ years of data in some cases (converted from mrtg)  and
I'm running into some problems that I don't know how to approach.

The biggest issue is how do I populate the new RRD file?  Do I have to look at
different time slices for each file to get all of the data?  or is there an
easier way to do it?  i.e. rrdtool fetch AVERAGE -r 300 -s -2y only returns
735 lines.  (including the header stuff, just a raw count using wc -l)
Changing the -2y to -2d returns 580 rows.  Is the answer to run this on all of
my RRA boundries stepping forward in time?  or is there a better solution.


- andrew

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