[rrd-users] Re: Another question about MAX value

Sorrell, Al Al_Sorrell at troweprice.com
Wed Apr 17 15:38:43 MEST 2002

Thanks! adding to the rrdplot command the line:

and then GPRINTing
        "GPRINT:maxbusy:MAX:Max %1.0lf circuits busy for range plotted."

gave me what I was expecting.


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Sorrell, Al wrote:

> I _thought_ I understood this, but...

>                 "RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:$keep_raw_steps:$keep_raw",
>                 "RRA:MAX:0.5:$keep_raw_steps:$keep_raw"


>         "DEF:dis=$rrdfile:dis:AVERAGE",
>         "DEF:busy=$rrdfile:busy:AVERAGE",
>         "DEF:idle=$rrdfile:idle:AVERAGE",

>         "GPRINT:busy:MAX:Max %1.0lf circuits busy for range plotted.\\c";

You are GPRINTing max(avg(Value 1..n))

What you want is GPRINT max(max(Value 1..n))

In other words: another DEF, this time actually using the MAX RRA, and
then you use *that* variable in the GPRINT statement.

> seen during the 7 day plot. Since there is (should be) no aggregation of

Why not?  Your image isn't one pixel per 5 minutes, is it?

Consolidation/aggregation happens when needed.  This can be because it
is needed for an RRA but also if there is no suitable RRA at hand to
create the image.  If all there is is an RRA with 5 minutes per CDP
yet you are graphing with one hour per pixel, 12 values need to be
aggregated into one, for each pixel.

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