[rrd-users] Getting Max Values

Randy Herban RHerban at gramtel.net
Mon Apr 29 16:04:08 MEST 2002

I'm using standard mrtg with rrdtool and found that I can use rrdtool fetch
max to get the max peak within a certain time period, however these values
aren't what I expect to see.
Here is the largest value from a fetch max on my rrd file.
1019590200: 2.9000000000e+01 2.9000000000e+01
Well, when I view the html for this site, the max is 28, instead of 29.
I have noticed this when using the rateup logs as well, the max values are
kept one larger than actually displayed.  Did I miss something in the readme
or is this normal to keep the max value+1 and just -1 when we go to display?
Also, I've noticed that rrd keeps only just over 2 days worth of daily
samples, how would I go about keeping 30+ days worth of daily samples?
I.e. I want to get the highest daily peak for every day of this month.  I
will be averaging these 30 or so daily peaks together.
I know I'm going to have to set the WithPeak option in the mrtg config, but
how to keep 30+ days worth of rrd info?
Is there an easier way than what I'm going about?  I'd love to hear feedback
and/or opinions on how to better handle my situation.  
Thanks in advance
-Randy Herban

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