[rrd-users] Re: Data archiving

Justin Shore listuser at neo.pittstate.edu
Wed Aug 7 21:19:56 MEST 2002

At 8:33 PM +0200 8/7/02, Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:
>Justin Shore wrote:
>>  Howdy all.  I'm considering using RRD in the future for certain
>>  statistics.  I'm curious about how long data is archived and how much
>>  space it consumes.  What I'd like to be able to do is tell my CGI to
>>  create a daily image from a particular day up to a year ago (maybe
>>  longer).  Does RRD keep data that long or does it convert the daily
>>  data into weekly and monthly data after a certain amount of time?  I
>>  think I explained what I'm looking for correctly.  If it's confusing,
>>  let me know and I'll try again.  Thanks
>RRDtool doesn't do this, *you* do this.  If you tell RRDtool to
>keep 10 years worth of data in a one-day resolution, it probably
>will do so.  There will be a limit but I don't think it will be
>reached that soon.

I see.  This will probably take a lot of experimenting on my part to 
figure this out then.  Do you have an idea what kind of drive space 
might be involved for a year's worth of 5 minute polling (daily) for, 
say, basic network I/O?

Something I do now is archive my daily/weekly/monthly images at the 
appropriate times respectively as well as the basic HTML surrounding 
the relevant image.


I was giving this some thought as I pondered switching to RRD tool 
for the data logging side of things.  I was thinking about writing a 
script to have rrdtool create me an image for archiving at the 
intervals I need.  For the 2001 year, that archive with a total of 
around 50 targets using PNGs.  If I could save some of that space and 
just have RRD store the raw data for an extended period of time, I 
think I could save a fair amount of resources (drive space, CPU time 
to create images, CPU time AND drive space to archive images).  Would 
this be a good way to go about this?  I need to just jump into RRD 
sometime like I did with MRTG at one point.

Thanks for the input

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