[rrd-users] Graph question

Brendan Laurence zandolay at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 9 23:27:27 MEST 2002

Hi there,
I'm a newbie to rrd ... recently converted from MRTG and I'm trying to 
figure out how to create a graph using with the following options:

a.) one rrd database
b.) create a single colored area between the max inbound values and
min inbound values on ds0 .. plot the area on the graph.
c.) plot the average inbound value in (b.) in a different colour on the 
d.) create another single colored area between the max outbound values and 
the min outbound values on ds1 and plot them under the xaxis so it does not 
overwrite (b + c).
e.) plot the average outbound values in (d.) in a different colour

This is the test graph I'm working with :

start0=`date +%s`
start1=` echo ${start0} - 7200 | bc`
rrdtool graph /home/mrtg_workdir/graphs/swfldct-1/swfldct-1.fa05.test.gif \
--start ${start1} \
--end `date +%s` \
--vertical-label 'Bits per Second' \
--width '600' \
--height '200' \
--title 'MRTG SERVER' \
'DEF:A=/home/mrtg_workdir/SwFLDCt-1/' \
'DEF:B=/home/mrtg_workdir/SwFLDCt-1/' \
'CDEF:C=B,-1,*' \
'CDEF:D=A,C,+' \
'CDEF:E=A,B,+' \
'AREA:A#0000FF:    In' \
'GPRINT:A:AVERAGE:Ave=%12.2lf%S' \
'GPRINT:A:MIN:Min=%12.2lf%S' \
'GPRINT:A:MAX:Max=%12.2lf%S' \
'COMMENT:\n' \
'AREA:C#0000FF:   Out' \
'GPRINT:B:AVERAGE:Ave=%12.2lf%S' \
'GPRINT:B:MIN:Min=%12.2lf%S' \
'GPRINT:B:MAX:Max=%12.2lf%S' \
'COMMENT:\n' \
'GPRINT:E:AVERAGE:Ave=%12.2lf%S' \
'GPRINT:E:MIN:Min=%12.2lf%S' \
'GPRINT:E:MAX:Max=%12.2lf%S' \

Thanks in advance,

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