[rrd-users] Re: measure the total traffic

Gerhard Ecaroh Froehlich gerhard.froehlich at produktion.gis-online.de
Fri Aug 30 16:56:43 MEST 2002

Hi T. Xar!

"T. Xar" wrote:
> Hi

[ snip to much quotings ;-) ]

> Now i decided to log also the sum of traffic and can show the monthly result
> the ISP.

[ snip to much quotings ;-) ]

> It should count the sum of the in and out going traffic of a IP range or one
> IP or only a web server, etc......
> I have hoped that the combination of snmp and rrdtool can do so.

It can do sums of traffic, this is total amount what passes over a certain NIC
or router (if the device is capable of snmp). This can be setup quiet easy and
quick with MRTG, 14all and RRDTool. If you do not have snmp and use unix
machines you can use "netstat" and some custom scripts.

> So which tools are using the many ISPs outthere to charge (corrrectly) with
> their customers ?

What you want is monitoring on a "service" base too. This is not covered by
normal snmp nor rrdtool alone. You can log this on a "flow based" view of
traffic, which is commonly a feature of Ciscos IOS, called "NetFlow". A Cisco
Router (and some others which i do not remember) can stream out a "flow" which
has accounting information of bytes, packets and ports which you can use to
track down network traffic on a service based summing.

> Thank you in advance
> Thomas Xar

And at least, please be nice to us and shorten your quotations. Thanks.

Gerhard Ecaroh Froehlich, Systemadministrator

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