[rrd-users] Re: Profile by time of day and day of week

PRASAD GADGIL /INFRA/INFOTECH prasad.gadgil at icici-infotech.com
Mon Dec 2 08:45:16 MET 2002


I had recently seen a sysmonitoring utils for windows etc...
It was doing something like getting cpu util value at
and then among other things looking at last 2 week's data, 
eg for last 2 monday's trend at the same time of day, and
if there is a measurable deviation.

I am just starting up on rrd, havn't really gone through
luc, and van's
postings, but this sort of trending, and escalations was
I found very interesting then , will definately try check it

/prasad gadgil.

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Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 01, 2002 at 01:38:46AM +0100, Luc Moreau
>>I'm new to this list. I'm trying to investigate ways of
>>variables by time of day (over a sequence of days) or even
day of week

To make my request even more clear (I hope), what I'm
interested in is a 
  moving average of this variable by time of day and day of
week.  This 
Monday's 10am value should be computed (for instance) as 10%
of the new 
value of that variable + 90% of last Monday 10am (unless the
latter is 
unknown, in which case I could take 100% of the new value).

>>(averaging all Mondays at 10am).  Is there support for
this in RRD ?  As
>>far as I can see, I can record the raw data with RRD but
the kind of
>>averaging I want to do, it seems I'll have to do it by
>>programs.  Did I miss something obvious ?




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