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Gillma Gillma leokapasa at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 6 02:16:40 MET 2002

Hi All,

   I having some problem when i graph the rrd data on customized Start date 
and end date.

Start Date: 5/12/02 00:00 End Date: 5/12/02 23:59
Graph Output is fine with 5min Graphing

Start Date: 4/12/02 00:00 End Date: 4/12/02 23:59
Graph Output with  1hr display.

But i am using the same script to generate the result. Is their anyway so 
that i can produce the graph with 5min display. if i want to look the 

-s 1038920410 -e 1039006750
-t Bandwidth Utilisation - SERIAL0/0.780 -c FONT#000000 -c MGRID#000000 -c 
FRAME#000000 -l 0 -c BACK#EFEFEF -c ARROW#000000 -b 1000 
DEF:in0=3620b_serial0-0.780_8.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE CDEF:in=in0,8,* 
DEF:out0=3620b_serial0-0.780_8.rrd:ds1:AVERAGE CDEF:out=out0,8,* 
CDEF:pout=out,128000,/,100,* DEF:maxin0=3620b_serial0-0.780_8.rrd:ds0:MAX 
DEF:maxout0=3620b_serial0-0.780_8.rrd:ds1:MAX CDEF:maxout=maxout0,8,*
-v Bits per Second
LINE1:in#00cc00:Incoming Traffic in Bits per Second \l
LINE1:out#0000ff:Outgoing Traffic in Bits per Second \l
HRULE:64000#cc0000:CIR 8000 Bytes\l
GPRINT:in:MAX:Maximal In %8.3lf kb/s
GPRINT:pin:MAX: (%6.2lf%%) GPRINT:out:MAX:Maximal Out %8.3lf kb/s
GPRINT:pout:MAX: (%6.2lf%%) \l
GPRINT:in:AVERAGE:Average In %8.3lf kb/s
GPRINT:pin:AVERAGE: (%6.2lf%%)
GPRINT:out:AVERAGE:Average Out %8.3lf kb/s
GPRINT:pout:AVERAGE: (%6.2lf%%) \l
GPRINT:in:LAST:Current In %8.3lf kb/s
GPRINT:pin:LAST: (%6.2lf%%)
GPRINT:out:LAST:Current Out %8.3lf kb/s
GPRINT:pout:LAST: (%6.2lf%%) \l

I have attached the 2 gif file of the same interface but the date of 
graphing is different.

Thanks for help.



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