[rrd-users] RRDTool accuracy?

Ed Grant ed.grant at raremedium.net
Tue Dec 10 17:26:44 MET 2002

Hello All,

I have been using MRTG for some time now, and am fairly confident in the
results it reports. Anyway, I am new to RRDTool and only recently switched
an installation of MRTG to use RRDTool to test it out. Once I switched to
RRDTool it seems like my some of my statistics are being reported
incorrectly. I am comparing the results of a servers network Max IN/OUT
using both 14all.cgi and routers2.cgi neither of which is showing the same
results. They indicate that the results are from the same time, but the
results themselves are different? It only seems to be a problem with the
Network Usage statistics. The Memory Usage, CPU Usage, Disk Usage statistics
that I am capturing appear to be correct in both of the CGI scripts.

ex. same server comparing network usage stats:
-routers2.cgi reports Max IN: 4.00 ?bps  /  Max Out: 4.00 ?bps

-14all.cgi reports Max IN: 366.283 k  /  Max Out: 16.969 M

I thought that RRDTool gathers all the stats and performs the calculations
and the CGI scripts take that data and put it into a graph form, am I
misunderstanding the documentation? Could anyone tell me what might be going
on here? 


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