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Simon Mullis Simon.Mullis at equinoxsolutions.com
Wed Dec 11 17:31:34 MET 2002

You're absolutely right. MRTG is good for only two variables.

I have a number of devices and variables that I poll using MRTG as the data
collector.  It is then fairly trivial to use RRDTool or RRDCGI to handle
creating some fairly complex graphs using the MRTG RRDs as the source data.
Obviously one can use multiple RRDs for the same graph

My point was only that if MRTG is already used in a Production environment
it may be easiest to use it to collect the data itself rahter then
reinventing the wheel etc.  For example, I already have the MRTG systems in
a redundant and fault-tolerant configuration with my NMS configured to
receive SNMP traps from the systems and alert / escalate faults accordingly.
We have a variety of stock requirements that are more than catered for by
MRTG and some more exotic requirements that are dealt with via RRDCGI.

(I for one will be happy when VDEFs and the 95 percentile functionality are
incorporated in the Stable branch of RRDTool).


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--- Simon Mullis <Simon.Mullis at equinoxsolutions.com> wrote:
> Hi there....
> If I were you I would use MRTG to perform the data collection for you.

AFAIR, MRTG only allows two lines per graph. So a plot
of what 20 hosts are doing would be impossible.

I may be wrong though...

> You can specify a script or command in back ticks as the MRTG Target 
> for it to perform your script.  As long as your script returns data in 
> the following format all will be fine.
> Format from script should be:
> Variable
> Variable
> And in your mrtg.cfg:
> ...
> Target[machine_X_users]:`/full/path/to/script/scriptname 
> <machine_name>` ...
> I'm sure some of the RRDTool purists here would baulk at this idea and 
> suggest you should call RRDTool directly, but if you already use MRTG 
> for other things and have the presentation mechanisms then this will 
> work fine.
> Thanks
> SM
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> Subject: [rrd-users] please help a lost newbie
> Ok I wrote a shell script to collect data from our boxes, simply a 
> decimal number. All the script does is: finger @host | grep -c tty > 
> host1.users
> shows the # of users logged into the box
> I do this for about 20 boxes, each to a different file
> I've tried reading the docs, faq, etc on the website, but
> I just get lost, nothing seems to cover what I want to do.
> How do I get this graphing the data ?
> basically every 5 minutes I need something to build the
> graph to show the users on the boxes graphed over time
> Dan.

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