[rrd-users] Re: insert time-stamped data from a flat file?

Gerhard Ecaroh Froehlich gerhard.froehlich at produktion.gis-online.de
Wed Dec 11 18:19:20 MET 2002

Hi Dulac

"Dulac, Daniel (Dan)" wrote:
> I have a completely different tool collecting data at various time intervals
> (mostly 300 seconds) and writing this data to a flat-file.  Each row of this
> flat file contains the time the data was collected, the metric (variable) I

Why do you write in a file instead of updating instantly?

> stamp.  At the end of each day, I want to populate the RRD with this new

As far as i know you _can not_ update the whole at the end of the day. 

> data-reading from this flat-file (obviously, my script does the proper
> conversion for the RRDs::update syntax)....When running my script and
> attempting to insert data into the RRD, I get the following error
> (repeatedly with different times):
> ERROR: illegal attempt to update using time 1039622171 when last update time
> is 1039622235 (minimum

You want to insert data at a timestamp before the last update: 

Want to update:   > using time 1039622171
Real last update: > last update time is 1039622235

where 1039622171 is before 1039622235!

This is not possible. An update is always _past_ the last date.

> one second step)
> Can anyone give me insight to what this error actually means?  Is it
> possible to use RRD with what I'm trying to accomplish?  I want to utilize

This would not be the intention of RRDTool to update RRDS at one time a day.
RRDTool is to update on regulary continous times step by step.

> Dan

Bye, Ecaroh

Gerhard Ecaroh Froehlich, Systemadministrator

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