[rrd-users] choosing an RRA for graph generation

Chris Robb chrobb at indiana.edu
Fri Dec 13 22:14:32 MET 2002

I have converted a bunch of MRTG files to RRD and upsized the RRDs to keep
2 years worth of 5-minute averages. I keep 10 years worth of 24 hour
averages. The problem is that the monthly and yearly graphs want to look
at the 5 minute data instead of the RRA that's averaged over a day.

For an example, see:


I upsized the RRD files about two weeks ago. This inserts empty 5 minute
data for the prior 2 years. When RRD chooses the RRA to look at when doing
a yearly graph, it appears to be looking at the 5 minute data, solely, and
not the daily averages. This makes it look like there's no data collected
before the day I upsized, which isn't true.

I've seen this question before, but no reasonable answer. Is there any way
to specify the resolution to be used when graphing a time period- similar
to the rrdtool fetch function?

One solution I've seen posed is to run through your upsized RRDs and
grab the daily data and stick it in all 288 5-minute intervals in that 24
hour period. Aside from being tedious, it doesn't address the problem of
computational overhead that looking at 5-minute RRAs over hourly RRAs
introduces. It takes quite a while to generate the graphs.

Is there any other way to do this? If not, can I put in a feature request
for a "resolution" option for graphing?


Chris Robb
Indiana University Global NOC
Abilene/TransPAC Network Engineer
chrobb at iu.edu  Desk: 812-855-8604 Cell: 812-325-8199

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