[rrd-users] Perl RRDs::graph problems

Jason Russell jason at 6speed.org
Fri Dec 20 23:32:29 MET 2002

I have been using RRDtool to graph CPU/Memory/Paging stats on lots of
systems for about 8 months now and it is working fantastically! Thanks!

I am running into a problem now though. I'm writing a Perl script to make
a graph of 3 systems together. Stacked CPU and seperate memory lines. I
can use the command line tool to get it to work but for future changes
I'd like to use Perl and have an array of the system names.

I create the system name array, then create 2 empty arrays, create the DEF
for each system and push it into the DEF array, then create the AREA for
each system and push that into the AREA array.

When I try to use RRDs::graph to graph it, after the title, -l, -u, and
all that, I put : join(", ", at defs), join(", ", at areas)

I've also tried just : @defs, @areas

Neither way works. If I look at the arrays before the RRDs::graph call
they look fine. It gives the error:
Error making graphs: can't parse
'"DEF:cpu1=/stats/RRDs/winooski.rrd:cpu:AVERAGE", and continues on with
all the DEF entries.

Can anybody see something obviously wrong with my script or my thinking?

Thanks very much!

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