[rrd-users] Re: Urk. Help with a little nagging problem I'm having..? Prolly newbie mistake.

rrd00 at sudog.com rrd00 at sudog.com
Sun Dec 29 06:59:53 MET 2002

> 54017607-54016412 = 1195
> 54017213-54017607 = -394
> 54017500-54017213 =  287
> -394...  Add 2^32:   4294966902
> Ergo: nothing's wrong except your assumption your input data is correct.
> When I ask you to do the math yourself I do so for a good reason.

Wow..  tremendous embarrassment on my part. Thank you for your time.
In the actual logging script I had the following snippet to avoid
negative changes:

if ($outfxp1 < 0) {
    $outfxp1 = 0;

Along with two other "sanity" checks. They were all commented out.
Funny how sometimes one looks for the more complicated stuff before
looking for the simple things staring you right in the face.

My apologies!

Thanks again,

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