[rrd-users] Newbie Question...regarding no graph

Cameron Moredock moredock at lucent.com
Wed Feb 20 02:25:22 MET 2002


Sorry to bother with such a trivial question, but I was doing well till I 
hit on this one. There was an identical post of this question in the past, 
but noone provided any feedback to the user....

After successfully creating a the .rrd file:

rrdtool create hostname_mail_stats_to \
         DS:mail_to:GAUGE:600:0:999 \
         RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:600 \

And populating with some data:
(output of fetch cmd :
rrdtool fetch hostname_mail_stats_to LAST -s 1014162000 -e N)

1014163500: 1.6100000000e+02
1014163800: 1.5363333333e+02
1014164100: 1.3357333333e+02
1014164400: 1.0500000000e+02
1014164700: 1.0912000000e+02
1014165000: 1.1093333333e+02
1014165300: 1.3198666667e+02
1014165600: 1.1433333333e+02

Then graphing with

/usr/local/bin/rrdtool graph - --start 1014163500 --end 1014165600 \
         --title "Mail Stats" --vertical-label "Mails in Queue" \

Provides the attached graph with no graphic, but correct rules and labels????

Help please if you can. I hope this is trivial, and if it is I am sorry to 
bother you with it!

-<Cameron Moredock>-
-<moredock at lucent.com>-

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