[rrd-users] gatehering info from Firewalls

Nuno Emanuel Rodrigues nuno.erodrigues at optimus.pt
Wed Jan 30 20:21:40 MET 2002

Tks for your answer, but to be honest wasnt a big help.

The non-firewall stuff data is sent from hundreds of different scripts.. on
many different machines...and MRTG is not installed on the same machine as
RRDTOOL... so as you can imagine doing the migration from MRTG statistics to
RRDTOOL wasnt a question of hours.. but.. a question of months....

I dont know how MRTG works, since i only use RRDTOOL, but i know MRTG could
collect data from switchs/firewalls just reading a config file, so the
question was if RRDTOOL could do the same.

If RRDTOOL could not collect data from Firewalls/Switchs, i would expect
some directions on how to gather the data.....thats why i mentioned snmpget
So if someone can point me some directions (urls maybe) i will be grateful.

Thank you.

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	I don't know if I want to go there, but how do you collect data now
	the non-firewall stuff?  You do realize MRTG provides 3 separate
functions - 
	data collection, data sotrage and data display, right?  You can
	collection with something else, storage with RRDTool, and calls to
display via RRDTool with yet something else, right?  Or, you can keep MRTG 
	as the collector, RRDTool as the storage medium, and some other tool

	to call the display functionality from RRDTool...

	You do know that to switch from MRTG to RRDTool as the back end
	a grand total (once RRDTool is installed) of maybe an hour,
depending on how 
	many configs you have to switch, right?  

	Use any collector (even MRTG) you want.  Use one you write
	RRDTool does not care, as long as it gets the data every "step"

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