[rrd-users] Re: Convert .rrd to .log ?

Skeeve Stevens skeeve at skeeve.org
Tue Jul 9 05:21:14 MEST 2002

Ok... a clarification...

I understand about the archiving of the data... and that is probably a sensible thing to do.

Ok then... assuming I have a file, with data for a month... maybe daily? 

How do I read a .rrd file to pull out useful data from it.
I dont actually want to present this data in a graph format...
I just want to be able to make a table showing how much was downloaded on each day/month... 

Even basic HTML 


Date		IN	OUT
1 Jan 02	100mb	10mb
2 Jan 02	123mb	21mb
3 Jan 02	390mb	89mb

and so on.

Thing is.. I need to extract that data from the .rrd files...   Is it that hard?


You, Alex van den Bogaerdt, shaped the electrons to say:
+Skeeve Stevens wrote:
+> I am using the routers.cgi frontend which works great.
+> What it doesnt do is have the ability to show total daily usage with historical capability.
+There are two possible problems:
+1) the frontend (routers.cgi in your case) must allow to specify an
+   end time, such as Februari 1st 00:00
+2) you need to have the data available
+A "normal" RRDtool setup (read: a MRTG compatible database) will not keep
+the data in the finest resolution for more than 600 * 5 minutes.  If you
+ask for data from many moons ago, it simply isn't available *except* in
+a resolution such as 1 row per day.  If you then display (say) 31 days on
+an image of 400 pixels wide, you just get to see 31 bars, each bar
+representing one day.
+> Does anyone know how to store historical data?
+1st step: increase the lenght of your RRA.  In order to be able to view
+upto a year back, you need 366 days times 24 hours times 12 rows per hour
+(assuming the default of 5 minutes per row) totalling 105408 rows.
+There are other ways of achieving this, such as having an RRA of size
+31*24*12 == 8928 --> nicely rounded to 10000 rows.  At the start of
+each month, make a backup of your RRD and name it, for instance,
+router1_port1_januari.rrd (so: add _januari).  Then you need to build
+an intelligent front end that knows to query this database when you
+want to view data from januari, and knows it should query the database
+with name router1_port1_februari.rrd to get data from februari.  As you
+probably can imagine, the large RRD (with an RRA of size 105408) is
+much more easy to implement and maintain.
+2nd step: find, or create, a front end that allows you to specify the
+end time of the image
+3rd step: wait.  There's no data available yet so you have to wait.
+> I thought of converting the .rrd files back to mrtg .log format and using the tool from Toby's mrtg page
+> http://iserv.nl/traffic/totaal/ (log file analysis by Seth).
+In an MRTG log file the data also isn't available at high resolution.
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