[rrd-users] Re: RRDTool, perl, and Oracle

Thomas Erskine erskine at sourceworks.com
Tue Jul 9 16:51:09 MEST 2002

Hi Robin.

At 10:35 2002-07-09 -0400, Robin Norwood wrote:

>I have a project for which the graphing capabilities of RRDTool would be
>very helpful.  I've looked into the RRDs perl module, and I have a couple
>of questions:
>We have an Oracle database, and it would be nice if I could store RRD's
>data in Oracle rather than in a text file - however, the perl interface
>seems to only accept a filename to store the data in for the RRDs::create
>and RRDs::graph functions, for instance.  Is there a way to either:
>a) Point RRDs to something else when storing and retrieving the data -
>Oracle itself, or even a filehandle or a hash, so I can use Oracle
>(which is on another box with plenty of hard disk space for all this data)


>or b) Give RRDs the data and get a graph out without using a file to store
>the data first - so I can store the data in Oracle myself and pour it into
>RRDs to draw the graph.

No.  You can, quite easily, create an rrd, populate it and create a graph, 
all on the fly.

>I guess what I'm saying is that I'd like to use RRDs graph drawing
>capabilities but not necessarily it's data storage.  Though it would be
>nice to have the 'round-robin-ness', I just don't want it to have to read
>from and write to files on the web server - I'd rather have it read from
>and write to Oracle.

There are lots of other graphing packages (gnuplot, GDChart); if you don't 
want to use rrd files, what is special about rrdtool's graphing?  I'm not 
at all meaning to minimize them, but rrdtool's graphing is aimed at rrd 
files; that's part of what makes it simple to use, not having to describe 
the data.



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