[rrd-users] Re: First rrd gets only "nan" data with fetch

scott.list scott.list at mlec.net
Sat Mar 23 16:59:36 MET 2002

Tobi, et.al.:

Thank you for the reply.  I have adjusted thusly.  Can you see if I have the
concept better now?

rrdtool create modem1.rrd /
--step 60 /
--start 1016896020 /
DS:Total:GAUGE:120:0:200 /

Is this right?  I think I have:
-  An rrd expecting input every 60 seconds started at 1016896020
-  With a data source of type "gauge", that expects values from min 0 max
-  an rr archive that stores a sample of the input data above
-  and that sample is a consolidation of 5 inputs (using MAX as
consolidation type)
-  since it is for five inputs the sample will represent the MAX value over
that 5 minute period
-  the rra will keep 600 of these stored samples.
-  Since the sample is over 5 minutes (5*60) and I store 600 samples, I will
be storing data for a period of 3000 minutes (5 * 600) ~= 2.08 days.

Does it sound like my understanding is correct now?

I did log all my rdd update commands and re-ran them.  Now I'm getting data
with fetch:

rrdtool fetch modem1.rrd MAX

1016895900: nan
1016896200: 9.1000000000e+01
1016896500: 9.4000000000e+01
1016896800: 9.4000000000e+01
1016897100: 9.3000000000e+01
1016897400: 9.3000000000e+01
1016897700: 9.3000000000e+01
1016898000: 9.0000000000e+01
1016898300: nan


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