[rrd-users] Need Help With Strange Graph Output

Paul G. Fitzgerald pgff at buckman.com
Fri Nov 1 21:17:50 MET 2002


I'm using MRTG with RRDTool to graph incoming, outgoing, and total bytes
for our T1 (1.544Mbps).

Everything seems to be working great except the plot for total bytes is
exceeding the bandwidth of the T1.

I'm sure it's probably something simple, but I just can't put my finger
on it. I'd really appreciate some help.

Here is the command I'm using to generate the graph:

    /usr/local/bin/rrdtool graph \
    /usr/local/htdocs/mrtg/dominion-daily.png \
    -s -2000m \
    -a PNG \
    -v "Bytes per Second" \
    -b 1000 \
    -w 460 \
    --alt-y-mrtg \
    DEF:in=/usr/local/htdocs/mrtg/dominion.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE \
    DEF:out=/usr/local/htdocs/mrtg/dominion.rrd:ds1:AVERAGE \
    DEF:min=/usr/local/htdocs/mrtg/dominion.rrd:ds0:MAX \
    DEF:mout=/usr/local/htdocs/mrtg/dominion.rrd:ds1:MAX \
    CDEF:total=in,out,+ \
    CDEF:mtotal=total,FLOOR \
    CDEF:pin=in,193000,/,100,*,1,/ \
    CDEF:pout=out,193000,/,100,*,1,/ \
    CDEF:pmin=min,193000,/,100,*,1,/ \
    CDEF:pmout=mout,193000,/,100,*,1,/ \
    CDEF:ptotal=total,193000,/,100,*,1,/ \
    CDEF:pmtotal=mtotal,193000,/,100,*,1,/ \
    HRULE:193000#ff0000 \
    AREA:total#ffa050:"Total    Traffic in Bytes per Second\l" \
    AREA:in#00cc00:"Incoming Traffic in Bytes per Second\l" \
    LINE1:out#0000ff:"Outgoing Traffic in Bytes per Second\l" \
    COMMENT:"\s" \
    GPRINT:mtotal:MAX:"Max Tot\: %6.2lf %s" \
    GPRINT:pmtotal:MAX:"(%6.2lf%%)" \
    GPRINT:total:AVERAGE:"Avg Tot\: %6.2lf %s" \
    GPRINT:ptotal:AVERAGE:"(%6.2lf%%)" \
    GPRINT:total:LAST:"Cur Tot\: %6.2lf %s" \
    GPRINT:ptotal:LAST:"(%6.2lf%%)\l" \
    GPRINT:min:MAX:"Max In\:  %6.2lf %s" \
    GPRINT:pmin:MAX:"(%6.2lf%%)" \
    GPRINT:in:AVERAGE:"Avg In\:  %6.2lf %s" \
    GPRINT:pin:AVERAGE:"(%6.2lf%%)" \
    GPRINT:in:LAST:"Cur In\:  %6.2lf %s" \
    GPRINT:pin:LAST:"(%6.2lf%%)\l" \
    GPRINT:mout:MAX:"Max Out\: %6.2lf %s" \
    GPRINT:pmout:MAX:"(%6.2lf%%)" \
    GPRINT:out:AVERAGE:"Avg Out\: %6.2lf %s" \
    GPRINT:pout:AVERAGE:"(%6.2lf%%)" \
    GPRINT:out:LAST:"Cur Out\: %6.2lf %s" \


Paul G. Fitzgerald

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