[rrd-users] Unix system perf monitoring/trending & RRD.

PRASAD GADGIL /INFRA/INFOTECH prasad.gadgil at icici-infotech.com
Tue Nov 12 12:09:39 MET 2002


This is somewhat off-topic as not directly related to RRD,
but is 1 
of the most popular req. hence would like to share what I
realised about this issue until now in my effort to solve

There are 2 sides to unix perf monitoring -

	1] real-time monitoring
		needs to be collected locally OR remotely
through snmp

		must be uploaded locally OR at a central
		machine to RRD/whatever for immediate
		through gnuplot/RRD generated images etc.

	2] trending for a later review of sys perf.
		can be achieved by locally collecting data
and making 
			available through batch upload in
RRD or excel or 
			other sorts of summerising tools.

One soln that caters both will be great but seems not
possible to me in my case.

impl Difficulties -

	certain data has variable format (field
positions/no) [e.g. disk r/w data due to 
		variable no of discs]
	maintaining custom RRD formats for diff servers when
these also keep changing
		from time to time is painfull (maintainance
	In comparison for eg 'vmstat 300 2|tail -1' is
relatively easy and standard across 
	systems hence easier, so also ' sar -u'.

existing Solutions - 

'big brother'/larrd has some stuff to plot the sysperf data
but can't be used if u just want 
	the trending feature.

Cricate contributed sw has a link - 
but hasn't been able to test it out.

Current status for my work -

Have been gathering/graphing vmstat data on a central
server. But variable format 
data like mpstat/iostat is making me rethink about the
direction of the effort.

Comments welcome.

prasad gadgil.

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