[rrd-users] Re: Unix system perf monitoring/trending & RRD.

Gerhard Ecaroh Froehlich gerhard.froehlich at produktion.gis-online.de
Tue Nov 12 17:13:55 MET 2002


> hello,

Okay, english is not my native language and i may have not understood everything
you meant. I try to give an answer.

> There are 2 sides to unix perf monitoring -

There are 3 sides:

 - Commandline tools like: vmstat, uptime, top, sar ...
   which are allways somekind of 'realtime'
 - Special 'manufacturer' dependend tools which are shipped with 
   the hardware like monitoring systats over embedded webservers 
   or perfmeters and so on.
 - Polling tools like SNMP
   which may be realtime if you call it from console
   but mostly are triggerd through scripts from while to while.
   This is not realtime!
> One soln that caters both will be great but seems not
> possible to me in my case.

You did not tell us why.
> impl Difficulties -
>         certain data has variable format (field
> positions/no) [e.g. disk r/w data due to
>                 variable no of discs]
>         maintaining custom RRD formats for diff servers when
> these also keep changing
>                 from time to time is painfull (maintainance
> difficult)

You can avoid this by taking a common standard like SNMP. You may have to set ip
up seperatly, preconfigured/delivered by vendor or as free implementation like
UCD-SNMP. Most of the graphing tools like RRDtool and the wrappers round RRDtool
World rely on SNMP. It is the most comfortable way to gather data. But not the
most sure if you want to poll over the Web.
> Comments welcome.
> regards,
> prasad gadgil.
> --

Bye, Ecaroh

Gerhard Ecaroh Froehlich, Systemadministrator

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