[rrd-users] Newbie ?

James Noble jimmy97223 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 13 12:34:26 MET 2002

question about installation of Cricket/RRDTool.  Here
is a little background.  I am a relatively new Nagios
user trying to graphically document traffic flow
broken down by protocol/queue (in this case, one group
for RTP traffic, and one for everything else).  It
seems that Nagios/MRTG is not going to be the best
tool to do this for a number of reasons, mostly
because I do not require notification for this....just
graphing.  If I need to tie it to Nagios for those
features later, I'll figure that out then.

I went through an initial config of cricket that
didn't work out so well (not at all, actually - it
would not compile after I made config changes), so I
have axed it and am starting again.  

Some of the error messages and "file not found"s that
I got with Cricket seemed to indicate to me that I
should have installed RRDTool first.)

Here are my questions...  I promise I RTFM on all the
doc that came with RRDTool and Cricket.....although it
is 3am and I am a bit bleary-eyed.  Keep in mind I am
a new linux admin in general and this would be my
frist real project in this area.)

1) Should I install RRDTool before Cricket?  Does it
make a difference?  (Also, should I use the RPM for
RRDTool, or do a 'make' on the tar file?)

2) What should I be looking to accomplish in terms of
the initial RRDTool config?  Again, all I need to do
is view simple bandwidth utilization by protocol (or
queue, if that is a possibility).

3) Is there a place where I can find a walk-through on
a basic RRDTool config and RRD database creation? 
Again, all the doc I went through that came with the
RRDTool package seems really theoretical and
ambiguous....which I am sure I will need later - but
since I am a dumb newbie, I am looking for the
instructions that say "Unlock door.  Sit on seat. 
Place ignition key in ignition ket slot.  Turn key
clockwise until engine is running."  That kind of

Your help is sincerely appreciated...Thanks!  (If the
reply is "RTFM" - could I perhaps also request a link
to a better manual?  :-)  Thanks!)


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