[rrd-users] Re: Windows Oids

Lib Curtis lebbeus7 at lc7.net
Wed Nov 13 16:59:19 MET 2002

For Win2K processor load, I am using the hrProcessorLoad entry 
( from 
You need to walk to figure out what the instance 
should be. On my boxes, it is has consistently been .5.

I have found that you need to multiply Processor Load captures by 100 to 
get around MRTG rounding problems. I also seem to remember reading 
somewhere that the snmp4w2k MIBs have a problem with multiple processors 
but can't remember where I saw that (and I haven't seen any problems on my 
multiprocessor boxes).

On my Win2K boxes, is 
and holds no values when I walk it.

Since I don't get any values, I can test your template to see if I can 
duplicate your results.

Sorry if that doesn't help much.

Lib Curtis

At 18:53 11/12/2002, Warrick FitzGerald wrote:

> > 1. Go to http://www.wtcs.org/snmp4tpc/snmp4w2k.htm and download the free
>I ended up doing exactly that.
> > 3. Here are some MRTG templates that I have used successfully to monitor
>I tried using your template, with no joy. Perhaps someone can give me a hand
>and tell me what I'm doing wrong here.
>I see that you are using the OID value, but I'm using
> which as far as I could tell from their
>site was the CPU mib that full under their segment of the MIB. Are you sure
>you are not querying the W2K MIB here ?
>Also, I simply get a response from the server saying that the OID you are
>specifying in your example does not exist.
>I use the following template ... and well ... it sot of works ....  let me
>explain why :
>WorkDir: /var/www/html/mrtg
>Options[_]: perminute,growright,avgpeak
> at 1
>Options[Web3]: gauge
>MaxBytes[Web3]: 100
>Title[Web3]: Traffic Stats for Web3
>PageTop[Web3]: <H1>CPU Load for Web3</H1>
>Even though I have both values set to be exactly the same thing, somehow
>MRTG plots two completly seperate numbers .... ?????? where the Green IN
>seems to represent the real CPU utilsation and the blue OUT seems to be some
>sort of average ..... anyone know what on earth is going on here ?
>Warrick FitzGerald
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