[rrd-users] Re: Just a basic question... one or multiple RRDs?

Gerhard Ecaroh Froehlich gerhard.froehlich at produktion.gis-online.de
Mon Nov 18 16:48:46 MET 2002

Hi Noah,

as i have many custom programmed applications which are monitored by custom
scripts from commandline tools there was a result concerning the layout of

In some cases you may be able to foresee that data sources may change in future.
But some are well known and always act togather. In Example:

One rrd with multiple data sources:

 - A router: has always an "in" and an "out"
 - A CPU: has "user" time, "idle" and "system" time which will result in a total

One rrd for each data source:

 - A servers harddisk(s): could be one or more which will have different
   partitions or slices.
 - A database server (oracle monitored by SNMP) which can have multiple
   even for multiple customers which will be set up and delete by the time.

The thing is to group things which will be togather forever by function and can
not divided. Seperate your data sources in own rrd's if you are unsure cause
they may be deleted, added or may grow in future.

For similar data sources (i.e. you have 10 customers which get the same
monitoring) it was usefull for me to declare _all_ datasources the same name and
to differ by directoryname. Writing of scripts and copying in the desired
directory is that easy then! This solution was inspired by Thomas Erskine's
Remstats - Thanks a lot Thomas. Oh, i remember he did some good stuff with
wildcards, have a look at his documentation. This saves lots of work too.

Bye, Ecaroh

Noah Leaman wrote:
> Can I create just a *single* RRD file to store all this different type
> of data? Or is it wiser to create separate RRDs... one for each
> Thought I would run it by some people that experience ... this is my
> first time working with RRD.
> --
> Noah

Gerhard Ecaroh Froehlich, Systemadministrator

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