[rrd-users] Re: handling rotated logs

Boris Bukowski b.bukowski at gmx.de
Sun Nov 24 23:58:14 MET 2002

Am Thursday 21 November 2002 07:54 schrieb Jim Breton:
> I have a problem where I am counting statistics on mail delivery: messages
> delivered, messages rejected, and messages "tagged" by Spam Assassin.
> I gather the stats using simple greps on the current mail log file.
> However, the logs are rotated nightly and RRDTool assumes an overflow.


use logtail to do tasks like this.
It is a part of the logcheck package 

DESCRIPTION from the manpage:

logtail  reads  a  specified file (usually a log file) and writes to  the 
standard output part of it which have not been read by previous runs of 
logtail. It prints the last some bytes of logfile appropriately, assuming 
that all changes that are made to it are to add new characters to it.

logfile must be a plain file.  A symlink is not allowed.
logtail stores the information about how much it have already read in a 
separate file called offsetfile.  offsetfile can be  omitted.   If  omitted,  
the file named logfile.offset in the same directory which contains logfile is 
used by default.
If  offsetfile  is  not  empty,  the  inode  of logfile is checked.  If the 
inode is changed, logtail simply prints the entire file.  If the inode is not
       changed but logfile is shorter than it was at the last run of logtail, 
it writes a warning message to the standard output.


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