[rrd-users] Fw: Help with graph

Gustavo Badauy gbadauy at myrealbox.com
Tue Sep 17 16:41:13 MEST 2002


 I'm starting to use RRD and I got stuck in a point that I don't know how to
solve. I'm trying to plot a graph for my DNS server. It works fine until one
of the series become bigger than the other and after that the other series
become hidden.

 Below is the command I use to graph it. What is happening that "Failure" is
now bigger than "Success" and I can no longer see "Success".  Do you guys
know how to fix that?

Thanks a lot

 rrdtool graph bindStats.gif -s -84600 --vertical-label="Queries"  \
-h 400 -w545 \
DEF:Success=bindStats.rrd:success:AVERAGE \
DEF:Failure=bindStats.rrd:failure:AVERAGE \
DEF:Recursion=bindStats.rrd:recursion:AVERAGE \
DEF:Nxdomain=bindStats.rrd:nxdomain:AVERAGE \
DEF:Referral=bindStats.rrd:referral:AVERAGE \
DEF:Nxrrset=bindStats.rrd:nxrrset:AVERAGE \
AREA:Recursion#00FF00:"Recursion" \
AREA:Success#0000FF:"Success" \
AREA:Failure#FF0000:"Failure Queries" \
AREA:Referral#FFFF00:"Referral" \
AREA:Nxdomain#FFBA01:"Domain Not Found" \
AREA:Nxrrset#FF00FF:"NX RR Set" \
COMMENT:"\n" \
COMMENT:"Values\n" \
GPRINT:Recursion:MAX:"Recursion %6.2lf%s\n" \
GPRINT:Success:MAX:"Success %6.2lf%s\n" \
GPRINT:Failure:MAX:"Failure %6.2lf%s\n" \
GPRINT:Nxdomain:MAX:"Nxdomain %6.2lf%s\n" \
GPRINT:Referral:MAX:"Referral %6.2lf%s\n" \
GPRINT:Nxrrset:MAX:"Nxrrset %6.2lf%s"

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