[rrd-users] graphing incoming mail messages (procmail, rrdupdate?)

rrd at uce.ransford.org rrd at uce.ransford.org
Mon Apr 14 06:55:38 MEST 2003


i'm trying to replace a hackish homemade cron/perl/gnuplot mail grapher
thingy with rrdtool, but i'm a little intimidated by the documentation
on the web, so perhaps one or more of you experts can at least aim me in
the right direction here.

the goal is to have daily, monthly, and yearly graphs of my incoming
personal mail volume.  am i correct in thinking that i should create an
'ABSOLUTE' data source

    rrdtool create mail.rrd DS:messages:ABSOLUTE:900:0:1000 \
       RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:5:288 \   # one day at 15-min intervals
       RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:12:744 \  # 31 d/mo * 24 h/d * 1h intervals
       RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:288:366   # 366 d/y * ...

and then, from procmail, do

    rrdupdate mail.rrd N:1

every time a message arrives?

then i assume i'd do, for e.g. the daily graph,

    rrdtool graph mail-daily.png --start -1d \
       DEF:msgs=mail.rrd:messages:AVERAGE \

... any advice?  i guess i'm not clear whether the 'ABSOLUTE'/'N:1'
combo is semantically ridiculous for this purpose.


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